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Digital Grrl's CPK family and Orphanage
The Purple Leaf Orphanage

Adoption room for Girls, Boys, Fairies...ok, basically anything CPK!

All of these dolls are pre-loved but have been washed and loved by me. I'm not a seamstress so if they are missing any knees or toes I'll leave that up to you to fix. They are wearing real baby clothes unless otherwise noted (a few have their original CPK outfits). It's best to ask questions before adoption, so if there's anything you would like to know about one of these kids, please email me.


Shawnee Torry: $5 available!!

This little girl was a holiday baby and was bought for her outfit. Now she has on a clean onsie. This little girl is minty and has adorable curly hair (extremely curly hair).


Holiday Baby: $20  (on hold for Rhianna)
This doll has never been removed from her box. She has an adorable red pacifier that matches her red velvet christmas dress.

If you see an angel that you would like to adopt, email me and we will set up the adoption!


Alani Gretchen: $10 available!!
This little girl is soooo cute. Her hair is firey red and super thick. She is all decked out in several layers of great 80's clothes...very cute!

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