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Digital Grrl's CPK family and Orphanage

This page is full of clothing for your cpk and other things cpk as well!


CPK brag bag full of cpk poseable figures: $15 available!!


80's cpk banks: $2 each both are available!!
These banks are in good condition and a good way to sport your collection even when your dolls aren't displayed.





Sweaters and hats stretch to fit all brands and sizes of CPKs: $2 for each set
Blue sweater and had set: 3 sets left
Plain tan set: 2 sets left
Tan set with blue diamond: 1 set left
Yellow set: 1 set left


Clothing Lot: $2 (on hold for Ada)
This lot includes a red sweatshirt with grey trim, a teal JC Penny onsie, a multicolored t-shirt, white with red trim sleeper with footies, blue handmade (to fit coleco kid) turtle neck shirt, with matching blue overall jumper, velcro diaper, blue abc train one piece suit, blue sailor cap, blue and white stripe overalls with little boy picture on them, teal teddy sleeper with footies, white button up infant shirt.


Clothing lot 1: $2
This lot contains a blue sailor sleeper, a blue bunny sleeper with footies, a boat sleeper with footies, a teal onsie and a white and blue snap up shirt.


Clothing lot #2: $2
This lot contains a giraffe sleeper with footies (has some stains but can be treated with Oxy clean), yellow flowers in flower pots jumper, sailor girl one piece suit, purple heart jumper, and a cute heart dress.


Clothing lot #3: $3
This lot includes the white and pink sheep hooded bath towel, the pink tie up sweater (back is shown to see flowers)...this is much like the cpk tie up sweater only it's a bit larger, pale green frilly dress with flowers, yellow animal one piece, yellow shirt, bonnet, pink rosebud dress, and white sleeper.


Clothing lot #4: $2 (on hold for Ada)
This lot containts a pink and white plaid rosebud dress with matching bonnet (for dolls 14" tall), pink mickey and minnie mouse dress, white t-shirt, pink and white plaid bloomers, pink and white stripe dress, pink yellow and blue one piece suit, sugar and spice onsie, pink rosebud one piece suit with sailor colar.


Clothing lot #5: $3
This lot contains a purple tellitubby sleeper with footies, white pink green and blue bunny sleeper with footies, teal sleeper with footies and white embroidered teddy bears with matching tie on cap, white sleeper with footies and 3 embroidered bunnies, terri cloth sleeper with train on it, teal ducky sleeper with footies (may have slight stain).

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