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Digital Grrl's CPK family and Orphanage
Orphanage room 2

These kids are from my personal collection and have been taken very good care of!


Koosas: $10 (adopted)  
bunny bee: $10 available!!  
babyland baby: $5 available!!
These guys and gal are all in excellent shape and add a little flare to your collection. They are less common items and can keep your sweet cabbies company.


Richard Kevin: $3 available!!
This cute little guy is a #4 headmold and looks so cute with a paci in his mouth! Very nice auburn hair and cute brown eyes.

Same rules apply from the first room. Contact with questions and adoption requests.


Kasey Anne: $2 available!!
This little girl has an empty tummy with a velcro closure on the side...I'm assuming it used to house a voice box. She's gorgeous with platinum blond hair and violet eyes and the cutest little smile. She has a small spot on her cheek, I'm guessing it's very easy to clean off though.


Thistle: $15 available!!
This little one is so cute with an original diaper and hair ribbon. It can hold a paci in it's open mouth! 

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